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In a nutshell, choosing CBM means you get to work with a highly experienced businessman with top credentials and qualifications. All our consultants and plan writers have twenty plus years of running their own businesses, with experience of successfully raising funding and an MBA from Henley Business School.

We aim to tailor the service to your requirements, at a cost you can afford and we guarantee that if you follow our advice, funding will not be refused as a consequence of errors or omissions in the plan. We will ensure that your plan contains everything needed for your funder to make an informed choice and we won't force you to include irrelevant information just because we've got a topic heading. Your plan, therefore, will be clean and crisp in a structure and format expected by banks and investors. In other words, your plan will be exactly what banks and investors want to see.


Every business and business owner’s circumstances are different, but we have used our extensive experience to put together 13 of the most common combinations of business plan content, additional help from us, deliverables and method of working with you. Chances are one of these will be suitable for you, but you can also mix and match elements from each of these packages to create your own unique service, for which we’ll confirm the best possible fixed price, upfront.


We can work with you via face to face meetings, in a location convenient for you, or using a combination of our interactive data collection form, skype, email and phone calls. We’ll work in whatever way you prefer.


Whether you need a basic, simple business plan or have complex funding needs, requiring a combination of loans, business angel and venture capital investment through several funding rounds, or anything in between, we have a service that will be suitable.


If you're a new business about to launch you might be interested in our Start-up Special package. This package includes everything you need to get your funder-ready business plan, an entry level website, free hosting for 12 months plus limited company incorporation and a set of master forms for your company books.


If you're an existing business looking to establish the best way forward, you may want our development workshop service or if you're a relatively new, smaller concern, you may want one of our multiple meeting services.


If you need a plan to support your T1 visa application, we have a lot of experience and services specifically tailored to this objective.


Perhaps you’re looking to do an offer for share subscription, then you may want to include our brochure style offer to subscribe document.


It goes without saying that our researchers can do your desktop market research, your desktop competitor research and any local demographic work needed.


If you need a pitching deck or even a pre-pitching plan review, we've got services for those too.


We genuinely can work with you to provide the best service, no matter what your requirements are, we can even coordinate your plan to your logo and corporate colourway.


Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll recommend the best level of service for you and confirm the fixed cost.

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