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We are The Business Planning People, so if you’re looking for professional business plan writers or a business planning consultant, you’ve come to the right place.

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At a glance

Cbm is based in Northamptonshire, offering business planning services throughout the UK. We specialise in helping business owners with their business plans, business strategy development and financial projections.

We are a recognised practice of the Institute of Business Consulting, providing our clients with the assurance of the highest quality and standard of workmanship.

Cbm Group was launched in 2006 by our senior consultant, Charles Brooks, who has over 30 years experience of writing business plans for the purpose of securing finance. In a previous role, he bought ailing companies with funds from Venture Capitalists and he never failed to get the funding required.

Charles has an MBA (with award) from Henley Business School, one of the top management schools in the world and all of our plans are produced by MBA graduates from Henley.

At cbm it’s not just theory, our consultants are all experienced business plan writers, have put it into practice and know what’s required to run a successful company. Clients who use cbm for ongoing support find this an invaluable asset.

Read our latest news blogs for more information on CBM. 

Why choose us?

All our business plans are produced by MBA graduates from Henley Business School, one of the top management schools in the world.

The senior consultant at cbm has over 30 years experience of writing business plans. In a previous role he bought ailing companies using Venture Capitalist money and never failed to secure finance to buy them having written his turnaround business plan. 

Cbm are a recognised practice of the Institute of Consulting, so you can be assured of the highest quality workmanship. With our full business plan consultancy services we guarantee that funding will not be refused as a consequence of errors or omissions in the plans we produce.

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