Business Plan Consultancy

Most business owners are too busy running their businesses to sit down and write a business plan and quite often don’t have the practical experience to so do. Get an experienced, MBA qualified consultant in your office to develop your plan at a pre-quoted fixed price.

Specialist Business Planning Consultants 

A lot of entrepreneurs with ambitions of starting a new business have great ideas and vision, but when it comes to writing a business plan suitable for securing the required funding, a lack of time or experience can become a barrier.


Our business planning consultants are all expert business plan writers who have been dealing with writing business plans for years, gaining vast amounts of experience producing plans to successfully achieve our customer's goals. Whether it’s to raise finance from a business loan, to appeal to possible investors or to review the direction of their business in a formalised way.


If you need support with business model development, market and competitor research, complex funding requirements, a business plan for a T1 visa or just haven’t got the time to gather information, our business plan consultancy service is for you.


How Our Consultants Will Work With You

Your consultant will meet with you, face to face, in a location convenient for you. They’ll discuss your requirements, what it is you need to achieve and gather the information they need to write your business plan.


Face to Face meetings are the best way to work when working on concept development, but, if you’re based outside of the UK, we can of course work via Skype conference calls.


After the first meeting, your consultant will go away, complete any research included in your package, develop your model and strategy as discussed and write your bespoke business plan. Your consultant will stay in touch with you throughout this process, to ensure all information is correct and that you’re kept up-to-date.


Once the plan is complete, your consultant will meet with you again, at a location of your choosing, to go through a hard copy of the plan and answer any questions you may have. Of course, they’ll allow you time to read through in depth and then action any changes you may have.


Achieve Your Business Goals 

Every new business needs a business plan and a strategy to achieve their goals, your consultant will produce a bespoke business plan, tailored to your business and your requirements, as well as providing the advice required to help you get the results you need.


Due to the level of expertise our consultants have, we are happy to guarantee that funding will not be will not be refused as a consequence of errors or omissions in the plans we produce.


Our Business Consultants are professional, affordable and most importantly, helpful.


We understand the need to control costs so we work on a fixed price basis, and will agree this price with you up front, so you’ll have a clear understanding of what will be included in your plan and how much it will cost.


We’re happy to discuss your proposition with you, and can arrange a conversation with the consultant covering your area before you commit to using our consultancy service.

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