Setting Up A Business of the Future

Setting Up A Business of the Future

Workplaces have changed over the years, and what employees want now is not the same as what they used to want. So exactly what is different now, and if you’re starting a business, how can you create a business of the future that people will love working for?


Flexible Working

There has recently been a shift in how people want to work, with more and more employees wanting flexible working options that fit in with their other commitments. Research has shown that 44% of employees would like to work at home regularly, but a fifth of people reported that they are not offered any opportunities for flexible working.


With technological advances enabling people to access documents and communicate with each other online, it is often very easy to make provisions for people to work from anywhere in the world. Some companies have fully remote teams with several people working in different countries.


Another way to provide flexible working is to allow employees to take off as much holiday as they want to. Many companies which offer employees unlimited holidays have found that it hasn’t had a detrimental effect on their standards or level of work.


When considering your business and any employees you may hire, will you provide flexible working options? It may be that your business model lends itself well to a remote team, or for allowing people to work from home when they need to. This kind of flexibility can help to keep staff happy, and therefore more productive. Whether your staff work on-site or at home, it’s important to communicate well with all staff members so that they don’t feel disconnected from your business, and so that everyone understands your goals.


Your business plan may include a mention of remote working if it is particularly relevant to your business.


Personal Development

Research has also shown that 10% of employees don’t receive any personal development at work, and this increases to 25% of employees when looking at small businesses. 26% of people said that training is not personalised enough for their needs.


Your business plan could help you to decide what training you will be providing for your staff and how it will be delivered. How will you continue to improve your staff and their skills so that your business can continue to grow and reach its goals?


With employees often looking for these different benefits, it is a good idea for you to consider how your business will fit in with these expectations, even if you’re just getting set up. In fact, it may be more feasible for new businesses to aspire to this modern view of the workplace than it is for older businesses trying to adapt.


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