How To Use Your Business Plan To Market Yourself and Your Startup

How To Use Your Business Plan To Market Yourself and Your Startup

61% of UK workers would like to work for themselves but 17% don’t know how to market themselves properly, according to a recent study. However, this can be remedied with a little planning. So how can a business plan help you to market yourself better?


Your business plan offers a great way for you to sell yourself when applying for funding, but its usefulness doesn’t stop there. Writing your business plan gives you an opportunity to look at the big picture, decide who you and your brand really are, and think about how you are going to reach the people who care. This is especially useful if you are going it alone and setting up as a sole trader or freelancer and are yet to build your brand.


The marketing section of your business plan provides a place for you to think about your target market, where to find them, the marketing channels you’re going to use, who your competitors are, and how you are going to stand out among them. Knowing your place in the market is the first step towards being able to market yourself – you need to know who you are marketing to and understand them as much as you understand your own offering.


Other parts of your business plan are also useful for helping you to see the type of business you want to be. For example, your SWOT analysis can help you to pinpoint the strengths and opportunities for you and your business. What is your expertise, and how could your company grow? You may be able to figure out your unique selling points from this. Identifying your weaknesses can also show you where you need to improve, and when you have made those improvements in the future, you can market yourself with those new strengths in mind, too.


Your goals and objectives can also guide you when it comes to selling yourself. They can remind you of where you want to be, and if your goals are realistic, you should be able to achieve what you set out to do. This can be a good motivator. Writing down your mission statement can also help you to remember why you started your business and what you set out to do. When you have a clear vision for yourself and your brand, it is easier to convince others that you are the right person for them to work with.


Your business plan is a great tool for marketing yourself and growing your business. If you would like any help with writing a business plan that will help you to develop a marketing strategy and show you in the best possible light to potential lenders and investors, get in touch with cbm. Call 01604 420 420 or contact us online using the form on the right.


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