How Your Business Plan Can Help You Set Out Equal Opportunity Recruitment

How Your Business Plan Can Help You Set Out Equal Opportunity Recruitment?

The most effective and efficient businesses are those which embrace diversity from the top down. A business which is open to all genders, races and religions is one which will be open to a wealth of innovative ideas from all walks of life. There are however, certain industries which are substantially dominated by males, whereby women either are not part of the workforce or do not study subjects relating to these industries.

Yet, recent research by an online training course supplier has shown that more women are taking to developing their skills in what once were traditionally male-dominated industries. From logistics and transport to construction, more and more women are focusing on boosting their skills and competing with their male counterparts in these industries. Here we will look at how these landscapes are changing and how businesses in these fields can attract more female applicants.  

Women are studying in male dominated fields

The research, conducted by, took into account the number of males and females who are interested in courses on their website. The data which they presented highlights the increasingly positive outlook for the growth in the number of women in certain fields of work. Here are some stand out statistics from their findings:

  • Electrical engineering: The number of females researching this course has risen by 85%, which is a positive view especially as only 0.1% of electricians are women.
  • Logistics & transport: 43% of applicants interested in these courses were women.
  • Construction: 30% of individuals researching construction related courses were women.

The statistics from this data paint a positive picture of the landscape of certain industries who have commonly seen a lack of women in employment. There are however things a business can do to ensure women who have studied such subjects are then encouraged into certain business workplaces, and these methods can be laid out plainly in your business plan.

Setting out the attitudes of the business

Management teams should utilise business planning to lay out how your company can create an inclusive working environment for women. Every business should have an equalities policy which runs throughout the business, from the equal opportunities in the hiring process, to how the business approaches sexism in the workplace. These documented policies should protect against any discrimination and should be put into place through a comprehensive business plan.

But the primary way in which you can attract women to the business in terms of your company’s attitudes is to create a culture within your business that embraces equality. This can range from having women in leadership positions all the way through to the company culture itself, for example ensuring your perks of employment aren’t solely male orientated. Many of these policies and practices can be established in a detailed and well thought out business plan, which would act as the initial factor in enabling equal opportunities in recruitment- as a greater variety of individuals will apply to roles within your business if they can picture themselves working there.

Can company practices allow for equal opportunities?

In addition to the policies which have been laid out by your company, ensuring your business provides certain services can also contribute to equal opportunities in the workplace. Offering a realistic scheme for flexible working could be a fantastic way to attract women to the role. Allowing employees to adjust their schedules without being penalised for doing so is a fantastic place to start, as you are creating an environment in which employees feel valued for their performance rather than the time they spend at their desks. Another example could be offering paternity leave. Alongside promoting gender equality throughout the company, generous paternity leave ultimately benefits families as a whole and will demonstrate to potential applicants that your business embraces employees from different backgrounds who may be at different stages of their lives. All of these policies can be set out in an effective and thoughtful business plan, to ensure they will work in contingent to growing your business.

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