How to create a brand that represents your business

How to create a brand that represents your business

Creating a brand that truly represents your business is essential in terms of portraying your brand morals and values, alongside connecting with your consumers. However, this can be a difficult job as each business thrives to be unique and brand building is much more than just creating a logo or strapline.

What is a brand?

A brand is built upon many factors. It’s a comprehensive visual language that can be consistently applied across your business, ranging from the logo to your social media and website. A brand must be memorable, distinct and cohesive to make consumers identify one seller’s goods from those of other sellers.

Determining your target market

The foundation of creating and building a brand is to determine your target market. Knowing who you are trying to reach is important as brand creation relies on truly understanding your buyer persona. Ensuring that your brand comes across with complete clarity to the intended recipients is an exercise that will benefit the brand-building process. As a key aim will always be to have the right person consuming your content, clicking your ads and signing up for your newsletter.

Creating a brand mission statement

Tailoring your mission statement to meet buyer needs follows on from knowing your target market, as you will then have a clear idea of what each consumer needs. A mission statement cannot be created without first giving your brand a clear identity because in short, you need to craft a clear expression of who your company is and what it does.

Creating a name, logo and strapline for your brand

It is important to understand your brand’s core values and mission completely, as your visual design will develop from these elements. Creating a brand defines you as a business; as a business you must think about what you offer that nobody else is. Focussing on the qualities that make your brand unique is an important place to start when creating a brand name, logo and strapline.

Arguably, the most exciting part of creating a brand is creating a brand name, logo and strapline for your business. It creates visual recognition of your brand mission, thus building brand style and flare is necessary to keep your brand identity strong. The more visual elements of creating your brand should reflect your mission statement. Researching your competitors is an ideal way to comprehend what they have done to create and build their brand.

Build a brand message and integrate your brand into all aspects of your business

Building your brand message is fundamental as it is an opportunity to communicate directly and connect with your consumers. The brand voice and message you create needs to resonate with your target audience. Creating a connection and showing why your product or service is important to your customers is much more effective than pushing what your product or service does when building a brand message as the aim is to build rapport and understanding. Further, it is crucial to think about how your brand stands out as a means to differentiate from your competitors.

Consistency is key

Everyone knows that credibility and trust in a brand is developed over time, thus keeping the face and voice of your brand consistent not only makes your product or service more memorable, but also gives your brand more authority within the marketplace.

How can a business plan help?

We recommend creating a business plan that outlines what you aim to achieve and how to achieve it, to help you execute your brand strategy. In order to begin building your desired brand reputation and credibility, it is highly beneficial to dedicate focus upon who are you are as a brand and think through the brand building process.


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