Business Plan Writing

A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons these goals are believed attainable and the plan to reach these goals.

Professional Business Plan Writing 

A business plan can be used for a variety of purposes whether you’re a new start-up looking to secure finance or an established company looking to review your strategy.

A professional business plan will allow you to:

  • Secure funding from banks and other investors. Read our business funding blogs for more information on this.
  • Maximise the chances of your company surviving (UK businesses without plans are statistically much more likely to fail than those that maintain a plan).
  • Set targets and benchmarks for the business and help you to drive towards achieving these goals effectively, with regular progress reviews.
  • Make progress reporting manageable and effective
  • Test the feasibility of your business proposa

For more general information on business plan writing please read our business plan blogs. 

Experienced Business Plan Writers 

At cbm we specialise in business plans, priding ourselves on using only highly qualified and experienced Business Consultants to write fully bespoke business plans, tailored to each of our customer’s individual needs. Your plan will be written to achieve your goals, with content relevant to your business proposition.

Since every business is different, we offer a full range of services to increase your business plan’s chance of success.

When it comes to securing lending and investments, we know what your lender or investor wants to see in your plan and we guarantee that funding will not be refused as a consequence of errors or omissions in the plans we produce when you use our full business plan consultancy services.

For a better an idea for what your business plan might look at, download our free sample. 

UK Wide Service

We have consultants covering the whole of the UK, and are able to produce tailored, bespoke business plans, often for less than an “off the shelf” version.

Some potential funders offer business planning as an additional service, but it’s not their core activity, they’re not specialists and it’s unlikely they’ll be able to provide MBA qualified consultants with personal experience of gaining investment.

We understand the need to control costs so we work on a fixed price basis and will agree this price with you up front, so you’ll have a clear understanding of what will be included in your plan and how much it will cost.

We’re happy to discuss your proposition with you, and can arrange a conversation with the consultant covering your area before you commit to using our business planning service.

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